King's BBQ Sauces - 23 Ingredients with a hint of PRIDE!!
Don't knock them till you try them!!
Original sauce
our original sauce is 10 years in the making,it is a tomato based bbq sauce that is sweet, smooth with a black pepper finish. all of our other flavors are based off of the original sauce.
Price: $6.00
Root Beer BBQ Sauce
I know what your thinking when you hear root beer bbq sauce but like the original it is very smooth and has an amazing old fashion burst of root beer flavor!
Price: $6.00
Orange BBQ Sauce
we add to our original sauce, good quality orange zest and juice that adds a very interesting zing to anything you put it is a refreshing and pronounced flavor that will send you back for more!
Price: $6.00
Caramel BBQ Sauce
the caramel we use in this sauce is from canada and is of high quality, it offers a smooth buttery finish.
Price: $6.00
Chocolate BBQ Sauce
this one is for all the chocolate lovers out there, this sweet and tantilizing flavor would definelty wake up the child in anyone, this flavor also is a great combination with our orange bbq sauce.
Price: $6.00
Spicy BBQ Sauce
this sauce like our original is sweet and smooth with a graduale heat, there are more than 4 different peppers used to layer this sauce with spicy flavor and has a great pop to finish it off.
Price: $6.00
Amazing Cole Slaw
a sweet and tangy coleslaw made with ingredients from local farmers, all natural. This is for farmers market pick up or local delivery only!!!!!!
Price: $4.00
Women's T-Shirts
You can get one of our shirts sizes are sm, med, lrg. Please note size in comments. All shirts come pre-shrunk and are 100% cotton
Price: $20.00
Men's T-Shirts
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We buy 98% of our ingredients from NH local vendors and farmers, and use natural flavoring as much as we can. We are always trying new flavors so check back often to see whats new.
We can ship the sauces to you with the cost of shipping. Or you can visit us at a store check our locations on events page. Or fill out our contact us form and note local delivery or pick up to avoid shipping costs.
Gift Baskets
We can create a gift basket for any occasion, you can select diffent items for the baskets. Just call us and we can create one for any budget.
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